Stay hungry, Stay foolish


Humans are hardwired to be optimistic in everything they come across. There is no such thing as pessimism. Have you ever come across someone who doesn’t like favourable chances? Why do we always think of outcomes that may favour our gain? Can you think in contrary where you would love to lose? I bet you cannot. Wouldn’t it have been more wise at times to foresee and accept a loss than be blindly optimistic about it? Then why do we still hold onto our dogmatic approaches? Didn’t you sleep the sunday night so that you could wake up the next morning to a more beautiful day even though it is a monday? Aren’t you hoping for world peace while your neighbour is digging into your house? How often have you not seen the last delivery of a cricket match even though your team had already lost the game an hour ago? When was the last time you didn’t appear for an exam even when you knew the result is going to be a C or worse? Why do you still love that person even when he/she don’t know you even exist? Why do you dream of being a celebrity some day even when the chances are all stacked against you? Why do you keep saying yes to yourselves even when your mind has evaluated a NO as a safe exit? Even after knowing the obvious result, you cannot dodge your inbuilt logic which always directs you to be positive about things. Talking in the jargon of a neophyte programmer, you don’t have a subroutine you could have jumped to incase you wanted to be negative about things.You keep going on with your life when things are not going your way because you are hardwired to believe someday they would. Systems which are not compatible with this positive logic often crash or self-destruct resulting in events called death or suicide.

Most of the times humans evaluate their strengths and the chances to foresee a negative result which is misinterpreted as pessimistic behavior. Pragmatism is the obvious route most people take giving high priority to a task which seems more viable to produce output and masking other low priority whims. You would rather go about your life happily being recognized by your friends and family rather than try to be some celebrity of sorts. You have evaluated a safe and risk free path to go for an arranged marriage rather than proposing to that girl/boy you loved. You are almost reclining back in your chair now that the game is almost over for your team rather than be anxious whether the batsman on crease is going to hit the ball for a hundred runs out of the earth’s orbit. A grade of C would be more welcoming than expecting an A out of the blues. Even after going the obvious and safe way, you could never stop thinking about that other option with more gains. The famous quote by Steve Jobs would be a perfect fit here: “Stay hungry, Stay foolish”.